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On 1/19/2011, my school (University of St. Thomas) published 4 of my recipes posted on this site in the new school cookbook. The recipes were: Basil Pesto Mashed Potatoes, Low Calorie Skillet Breakfast, Quesadilla Burgers, and Chicken Perlou. I picked up a couple of the recipe books – it’s pretty cool to be published in a non-technology venue for a change.

In 2006 my wife and I decided we both needed to lose a lot of weight. We met with our Physician (an absolute must for anyone considering a diet or exercise program), who reviewed our weight-loss plan and then we began our quest.

We started by limiting calories and fat and portion sizes, and we added regular exercise to our daily regime. We gave  up fast food (except an occasional sub from Subway), started (and still use) a journal to track our daily calorie intake, and we started eating 3 portion-controlled meals every day. It is amazing what a difference a hearty breakfast makes in controlling those urges to munch on donuts or candy around mid morning. We cut back on sodas and drink a lot of water – with meals as well as throughout the day.

I went from 285 lbs (wearing 42 relaxed waist pants and XXL shirts) to 204 (with a 34 waist and able to wear medium to large shirts); my wife lost 60 pounds and now her clothing is a size smaller than she wore when we were first married. That’s right. We lost over 140 pounds between us – it took 1 1/2 years, but it was worth the sacrifice and effort.

We were very happy with the way we looked and felt and wanted to keep from regaining those unwanted extra pounds. We had been avoiding some favorite foods that we both loved, so we decided to come up with recipes to replace our favorite fattening foods with ones that were lower in calories, fat, and salt content in our food.

Sleeping Cat Recipes is where I post recipes I’ve developed to address our need for tasty food without the  calories, fat, and salt in most restaurant fare. The key to these recipes is understanding portion size and that most of them substitute lower calorie ingredients to reduce calorie count.

We have traditional American fare as well as some ethic recipes. Not all recipes have the calories posted, so you can calculate them yourselves by going to FatSecret, which is the calories source we use for this site.

We will continue to add new recipes as time allows, and ask that you let us know when you try them. Please feel free to share any weight-loss tips you have, and thank you for visiting this site.

Harry {doc} Babad has been a contributor to the Sleeping Cat Recipes blog for quite awhile. Harry has been cooking since he was six-or-seven years old – making noodles using the hot water faucet, because he wasn’t allowed to use the gas stove. He got really serious about it when he needed to save money in graduate school, cooking dinner for three other guys on Monday-Saturdays in exchange for their paying up the food bill – and they drove him to town where the the selection was better than near the University of Illinois (Urbana).  He is also my partner in the MHreviews blog [http://mhreviews.wordpress.com/]


Important Disclaimer

I try to obtain accurate product information, but cannot and will not guarantee or ensure the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any product information because product manufacturers do change their ingredients without notice. I generally use FatSecret as the source for calories in ingredients and suggest that you look at the overall nutritional values for all ingredients. I recommend that you always read labels, warnings, and directions and other information provided with the product before using or consuming a product – different brands of products have different calories and fat content. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Always consult a physician regarding your health and ability to change your diet. I am not a doctor and cannot and will not give medical advise. Neither I nor WordPress assume any liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products or ingredients posted on this site.

As folks who also chase recipes to tease our pallets in the ever growing number of food related blogs we are all too aware of the unreferenced copying of copyright protected recipes. All the recipes in this blog were either developed by Mike and/or Harry, or are major variation of recipes we’ve changed to suit out tastes and dietary restrictions. We don’t knowingly infringe on Copyrights. Where practical we provide a link to the source of the original recipe if appropriate and if we remember back.  The art of cooking is, in part, taking an idea about how to use selected ingredients, whether from a book, blog or your grandmothers notes, and making it your own.  Its the variations on a theme that make cooking so rich, tasty and rewarding.